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SILICONE BATTERIES INC. is a legal corporate entity registered under the corporate act of Alberta, Canada. Our mission is to continue to supply our valued international customer's the first green battery technology that was developed in 1992, that is non explosive and has no hazardous materials used in the production of the battery.
The silicone battery has no acid mist or pollutants from our universal patent electrolyte, no sulfate to corrode electrodes, joints and connections, giving the GS battery a longer life of 1600 cycles and 2200 cycles with the SP series. The revolutionary SP battery works normal in harsh temperatures of -40C to +70C giving you dependable power when required in the harshest conditions. The battery has no memory therefore allowing high discharging to 90% or the capability to fast charge the battery in 60 minutes. The silicone battery has a much lower internal resistance 12 to 13 times lower than that of the 12V lead acid battery, in testing the silicone battery was discharged at 30C in 8 seconds with no damage to the battery and the temperature rise was not visible to the eye. The silicone battery is 100% maintenance free, tightly sealed, no liquid spillage and the battery does not require a dangerous goods certificate for transportation by air, sea or land.
We have authorized Distributors to provide you the revolutionary SP and GS silicone rechargeable batteries. We have a wide range of battery products for a wide range of industrial applications, such as, solar systems, wind, telecom, UPS, data systems, Military (telecom, fighter jets, submarines and solar), marine power stations, computer networks, server systems, rail locomotive, electric vehicles and emergency systems to name a few.
Silicone Batteries Inc. has positioned ourselves at the forefront of the battery revolution that is now under way, Governments have signed agreements with "United Nations Environment Programme" to reduce/ban lead-acid batteries in 2020, hundreds of factories have already been closed.
Silicone Batteries embraces the "First Green Battery Technology" that breaks away from the technological limits of the lead-acid battery, the silicone rechargeable power & storage battery has a universal patent electrolyte that does not emit acid mist emissions to protect our environment.
For applications such as UPS cell towers, no separate enclosures are necessary, no cooling systems or ventilation systems required, just in maintenance savings it can save you the cost of your battery order, many companies have to use a helicopter to fly into remote locations to check on batteries, with the silicone battery you install the batteries worry free for years to come.    
With up to 2200 usable cycles the SP battery has approximately 3 times more usable cycles than that of the lead acid batteries that have approximately 400/600 usable cycles when used in the same application. The SP silicone power batteries life design is 15 years based on applications using 50% discharge, other applications using higher discharge over 50% will use more cycles over the battery's life.
With up to 1600 usable cycles the GS battery has approximately 2 times more usable cycles than that of the lead acid battery that have approximately 400/600 usable cycles when used in the same application. The GS silicone power battery's life design is 10 years based on applications using 50% discharge, other applications using higher discharge over 50% will use more cycles over the battery's life.
When you consider the battery replacement costs, maintenance costs, shipping costs, cooling systems, ventilation systems and the time and money involved when the lead-acid battery fails to work under certain weather conditions or it's end of life, the silicone battery will save you 2/3 times your investment, while reducing energy costs and environmental impacts. 
The SP Silicone Power Battery was originally designed and developed in 1992 for the Military, this superior battery delivers a much higher overall performance and usable cycles than that of the lead-acid and other batteries. The silicone battery has a higher recharge and discharge capability, lower internal resistance, little or no visible temperature rise during usage. Furthermore, the silicone battery has a higher capacity and higher current output making the silicone battery a more reliable and durable power source.
SP silicone battery operates normal in extreme high and low temperatures between -40ºC to +70ºC, and the GS silicone battery operates normal in high and low temperatures between -35ºC to +55ºC, both battery series deliver durable power in extreme temperature conditions when required.
Silicone batteries are non explosive and are a revolutionary state-of-the-art green technology that has no pollution from the universal world patent electrolyte. The electrolyte is PH neutral therefore after the normal life of the battery expires, the electrolyte can be used as a high grade fertilizer and the rest of the battery recycled. For those companies that use large quantities of batteries, the silicone battery can be refurbished at it's end of life, bringing your cost to replace the batteries down approximately 50% savings, the refurbishing of the silicone battery can take place in your country saving on transportation costs.
The factories are certified ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 to ensure quality production standards are enforced and to keep a pollution free work environment for our employees. We assure our customers a final manufactured product that does not release acid mist or any other pollution's from the electrolyte.
The SP silicone power battery was awarded the "National Defense Communication Equipment Network Access License" for use in Military telecom systems. In addition, silicone batteries are one of few companies certified to provide battery products to the Military for fighter jets and submarines. The silicone battery works extremely well in sub-sea applications 6000 meters beneath the sea and in high altitudes.
We are a customer focused company who cares about the well being of our customers, distributors and associates, we work on a one to one basis to satisfy your requirements.
We continuously research, develop and manufacture the highest quality power and storage battery solutions, with an important objective in mind, to better the quality of life and our environment for our future generations to come.